Kameroun Mares from Florida met her husky, Semper Fidelis, back in 2013 just when she needed love the most. She just underwent chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia when she came across the young dog. She quickly decided to take the dog home.

Mares named the husky after the Latin words “always faithful”. True to his name, Semper remained faithful to his owner even after getting separated for years. Mares and Semper have quite an epic reunion story.



Back in 2016, Mares left for California to get further medical treatment. She asked her roommate to look after Semper while she was away. Unfortunately, she soon learned from her roommate that Semper went missing.

Upon her return, Mares looked everywhere for her beloved pooch to no avail. Later that year, Mares had to relocate to California. But this did not stop Mares from looking for Semper in Florida.



Mares contacted every shelter, humane societies, and vets around their area to see if anyone saw Semper. She also posted about him on social media, lost dog forums, groups, and pages. Mares said that she would wait every day for a phone call just to hear news about her lost dog. Despite getting his microchip registered to her, she didn’t receive any information.

Mares was hopeless, so she decided to ask help from a private investigator, Ana Campos. Campos said that Mares has a lifetime registration with AKC Reunite. Someone suggested to them to recheck the chip. So in May 2017, they checked it and found out that on April 11, 2016, someone added her name to the chip.



It appears that the other microchip company did not check if Semper’s chip was already registered. Campos also learned that Semper was already up for sale on Craigslist for $200, which was why, despite Mares’ efforts, she never found him.

Two years after going missing, Mares finally found her beloved dog. Mares and Semper were both overwhelmed to see each other. Mares said that, despite the years that they’ve been apart, Semper still remembers the tricks and commands that she taught him.

Credit: A Maria Campos


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