Running a marathon is not for the faint of heart. It takes lots of courage and endurance. Once you sign up to run a marathon, you are signing up for intense physical strain.

Usually, those who run marathons have one goal in mind. That is to reach the finish line, and not pass out in the middle of the route. The last thing they have in mind is doing silly things, like rescuing a puppy by the roadside, for that matter.

But that is exactly what a marathoner from Ratchaburi, Thailand did. Khemjira Klongsanum was in the seventh mile of a 26-mile marathon when she saw a puppy by the roadside. Seeing that the puppy was in a relatively uninhabited area, Khemjira assumed the sorry dog had been abandoned.

The dog looked scared. It was visibly trembling. Khemjira, a self-confessed canine lover, could not help herself.

She decided to rescue the dog, while not giving up on her dream of reaching the marathon’s finish line.

Khemjira cradled the scared pup in her arms while she went on running the remaining miles of the marathon. The human and dog tandem successfully crossed the finish line together. They were cheered on by lots of people.

After the marathon, Khemjira took the puppy home, where she lived with two other dogs. She waited for someone to claim the dog. But no one did come forward.

So Khemjira adopted the dog officially. She named it Chombueng, after the name of the race where they first made contact. Khemjira fondly recalls her experience.

She recounts that running a marathon was doubly hard when you are carrying a puppy with you. But she said that it was all worth it. She was glad that she instinctively rescued Chombueng.

The dog is a sweet and adorable pup. He easily acclimated with the dynamics of his new family. He eagerly plays with his new dog housemates, too.

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