It is never too late for a fresh start, that is what Julia Arney believes. And she was determined to give Chloe, a senior Maltese, a better life despite doctors saying she might not have long to live.

Chloe spent almost her whole life at a puppy mill. She lived there for 9 and a half years, neglected by humans until rescuers came for her. She was treated and put in a local shelter and that is where Julia saw her.

Julia is from North of Indy, while Chloe is in Colorado Springs. Julia came to Colorado for she saw a puppy on the internet, another Maltese, that she wanted to adopt. Unfortunately, the dog was sent to Colorado by mistake, so Julia flew there to pick her up. When she got to Colorado, the foster parent of the dog she wanted to take home with her was out of town and won’t be back for a few days. So, she decided to volunteer at the local animal shelter.

At the local shelter, Julia noticed Chloe right away for she would bark at her every time she passes by. She was told Chloe had been there for eleven months and had never barked. So, she knew there was a connection between them and wanted to take her home too.

Julia called her husband right away, who agreed in taking both dogs. One problem though is that the plane only allows her to bring one dog. So to make it, she decided to take two trips just to be able to take both of them home safely.

Julia was happy and both the dogs were adjusting quickly to their new home. But when she took Chloe to her vet, they gave her the news she never expected. Sweet Chloe was diagnosed to have a brain tumor and the vet recommends euthanizing her instead.

Though shocked and a heartbroken, Julia disagreed. She didn’t just want to give her up. She’s more than determined to help her new found friend get through it all.

Julia went to search on different ways to treat Chloe. Different treatments were done, even medicines and therapeutic massages. She also altered her diet plan and even tried acupuncture. They tried herbal too and eventually, it seemed like Chloe was getting better.

Today, Chloe is 15 years old. She is all good and healthy. It was a very good thing that Julia refused to give up on her. Now, they spend each day together, happy.

Credits to Julia Arney


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