Do you remember how you felt the first time you had your first car? It felt wonderful, right?

Driving your first car probably felt great, but it’s more than that. Experiencing your own car for the first time—discovering its features, feeling its performance, sitting behind the wheel, or even just looking at it—is an awesome feeling.

We all have fond memories of discovering new things, like traveling to a breathtaking place, hiking on a mountain, or going on a thrilling adventure. There’s something magical about getting to know something for the first time, and it’s a joy that can’t be explained.

This was probably how a foster dog named Millie felt when she experienced being on a bed for the first time ever in her entire life.

The bull terrier was seven years old when she was taken to a foster home. In her new environment, she saw something she had never been on before—a bed.

She jumped on the bed excitedly, and she immediately liked how it felt. The ecstatic Millie burrowed her head on the mattress to feel its softness some more. She pressed her body on the bed and on the sheets again and again.

When she was done with that, she began to roll on the bed. She kept rolling and rolling, obviously enjoying herself, until she got caught on a blanket. She rolled some more as she tried to wiggle herself free of the cloth that now enveloped her.

After untangling herself from the blanket, Millie continued to press her body on the bed as if wanting to get a full taste of this new soft and comfortable thing she just discovered.

She played like a child until she was satisfied, then she got up. Millie looked like she snapped back to reality as she surveyed her surroundings. The foster dog loved being on the bed so much that it looked like she temporarily forgot where she was as she was overcome with joy.

Millie’s foster mom couldn’t help but laugh at the dog’s childlike behavior.

It is always a delight to see dogs that have been rescued from unhealthy environments take pleasure in their new homes. Watch Millie’s adorable reaction to the bed in the video below.

Source: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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