Meet the guilty duo: Oddie and his Pit Bull best friend. Both are guilty about something. They cannot point their fingers at each other nor speak, but their body language says it all.

If the flip-flops fit

The theme for these videos is quite common. The owner asks what happened to their shoe and all the dog does is look down.
In the video, the owner can be heard asking the two dogs about his insoles. As it turns out, this is the third time that his footwear doubled as a chew toy for the duo.
The dogs can only look at the ground during the confrontation. The gray Pit Bull then moves closer to Oddie, who can only stare at his human.

The capacity to display guilt

For veterinary scientists, this gesture is not about guilt. The “looking down” is a sign that the dog is confused. They are quick to pick up signs, and they can tell if their owner is upset or happy. What they cannot process is the reason behind these emotions.
What can be said about this body language is that the dog sympathizes with their owner. They look down because they feel bad and they don’t know what to do about it. When they show their sweet eyes to the owner, it’s their way of pleading for the yelling or confrontation to stop. The situation stresses them out.

Encourage positive behavior

According to a dog trainer, shouting does not do much for both owners and dogs. What helps is encouraging positive behavior through reinforcement. Ignore behaviors that are bad so that the dog will not do it again. This trains the dog only to do things that he is rewarded for.
Watch the full video here:
Source: Youtube via Junkin Video
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