The animal control volunteers found Dora wandering in the streets alone before they took her to the city pound. Thankfully, Howl Of A Dog, a rescue group, saw Dora in the pound and took her to their shelter.

The volunteers who met Dora for the first time described her as a sad, aloof, and depressed dog. Her eyes looked as if she had given up on life. She went through a medical assessment, and it was discovered that she was severely underweight, dehydrated, and suffering from a skin disease. Knowing that Dora desperately needs medical attention, she was brought to an animal clinic for further evaluation and treatment.

The volunteers who handled Dora noticed that she always have her head down when she walks, and her tail tucked in between her legs. It was only then they realized that aside from the physical pain that she is going through, Dora was also suffering from deep emotional distress. The volunteer workers were willing to help Dora in her road to total recovery.

Luckily, there was no need to wait long to find the perfect family for Dora. A family in the United Kingdom expressed their interest in adopting her as soon as possible. According to the staff, Dora’s new home is in Devonshire, a beautiful county in England, which is surrounded by beaches and a lot of national parks. It is truly a perfect place to help Dora recover faster.

However, the family needs to plan their travel going to Romania to pick up Dora from the shelter. Since the planning may take quite a while, the family sent Dora a care package to keep her occupied and happy while waiting for them. The shelter staff captured the heartfelt moment in a video they shared in their social media account. The video started with Dora looking super excited as she wags her tail non-stop while waiting for the staff to open her package.

The care package contains a letter from her new family, toys, tasty treats, and a knitted doll that looks like her new mom. Dora looked happy as she wags her tail non-stop. For sure, Dora would show the same kind of happiness the moment that she gets the chance to meet her new family.

Credits to Howl Of A Dog


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