Going on a rescue operation in broad daylight was hard enough. One could only imagine what it must be like to save a dog during the night when his hiding spots were all the more difficult to access. If a stray dog was easily spooked by people trying to get close to him even when he could see them clearly from a distance, think of how much that fear is amplified by the dark.

But a scared, homeless Maltese was not something the Hope For Paws organization could put off, and luckily for the dog — and us, neither could these women who made the call. When they met up at the specified location, they immediately saw the little dog lounging around in a vacant lot. He was quick to realize that it was him that they came for, however, and before they could get to him, he decided to hide this really narrow corridor that couldn’t possibly hope to fit in.

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With the portable plastic fence put in place to seal off the only entrance, they proceded with the plan to lure the dog out of his hiding spot. The owner of the house next to the place where the dog took refuge was kind enough to let them in, and from there, they looked over the wall and the poor thing and started making some noise. Their efforts paid off as the Maltese moved to get out of the corridor, and when he reached the sealed-off exit, the rescuer was able to put his snare around the dog’s neck.

They decided to name him Buddy. Just before they left, they learned that the dog was sharing the vacant lot with a homeless man. They gave him a sleeping bag and $50 so he could buy himself a decent meal. At the shelter, they confirmed that the only thing wrong with Buddy was that he needed a good, through bath — so that’s exactly what he got.

Best of all, he now had a permanent home.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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