Recently, there has been a massive social media following on cute and fluffy dogs, particularly Samoyeds. We can’t blame the fans because these extremely furry dogs are indeed beautiful and quite stunning in person. If you try to look closely at a Samoyed, you might just be reminded of a cute fluffy bear, only that the dog is less threatening.

With an average height of about 21 inches, Samoyeds are considered medium-sized dogs. But they look bigger than they actually are because of their thick fur. Not only is their fur thick, but they have double coats as well, wherein the bottom layer of hair is soft while the fur on the surface is tough.

Samoyeds are smart dogs. They are hardworking, too! However, this doesn’t mean that having a Samoyed as a pet would be easy. This breed could be a challenge even to experienced dog owners.

First of all, Samoyeds were bred to be working dogs. And since physical activities stimulate them, Samoyeds need to have regular play times. They are not to be left alone at home, because their pent-up energy throughout the day may manifest as destructive behavior later on.

Secondly, a Samoyed’s elegant appearance is quite a challenge to maintain. Grooming a Samoyed may take you hours if you’re an inexperienced groomer, or an hour, the very least, for experienced ones. Samoyeds are double-coated, so it’s no secret that they have high-maintenance coats. But if you can take up the challenge regularly, why not?
If you don’t have any idea on how challenging grooming a Samoyed could be, play the video below. The sped-up video below will briefly show you how a Samoyed owner grooms his beloved dog in about an hour:

If you have plans in finally having a Samoyed for your home, congratulations on taking that big leap! And we wish you the best of luck!

Source CarebDude via Youtube


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