Your dog chases its tail, rolls in stinky stuff, and even eats its own or another animals’ feces so how bizarre its behavior can get still? Your dog also does an amazing reverse sneezing, which is definitely ridiculous. Known as Paroxysmal respiration, this totally odd behavior is a show. It starts with a snorting sound, which is happening because the dog is sucking in air. This will be followed with choking movement wherein your dog lengthens its neck as well as its head. This is definitely a shocking moment to see on your cute fur ball but this is all for show. In a few minutes more, such sight is over, and your dog will be looking just fine and as if nothing had ever happened.

What is reverse sneezing?

When your dog does reverse sneezing, it can give you a heart attack because you know, you just love your dog so much you wouldn’t want it get hurt. Awful that it is, your dog doing this ridiculous reverse sneezing behavior is not as bad as it seems. It might be due to an air irritant, drinking or eating too fast, hair balls or a foreign body, or as simple as nasal infection. Any of these can result to palate irritation or the throat which in turn can cause spasms. When this happens, the dog inhales air rapidly through its nose as reaction. The effect is narrowing of the trachea that can then cause air movement difficulty. While all dogs may be doing this, such is more prevalent with older dogs.

Reducing reverse sneezing

The scientific explanation of reverse sneezing gives away hints on how to reduce or even eliminate it from your lovely fur ball. You can choose one or all of the listed solution below:

Minimize potential irritants, like chemicals, cleaners, and/or rug deodorizers in your home. Prevention is still best. Since reverse sneezing is caused by irritants in the air, make it a point to keep your place clean at all times.

Always groom your wonderful dog often. Keep your dog clean, giving extra attention to its hair as this is where all those irritants in the air can settle. Have a hair vacuum ready and do this every day.

Visit your trusted veterinarian regularly. Responsible parenting on your dog requires more than just a visit to your vet when your dog is not feeling when. When it has a nasal drip, this means that your dog is already suffering from sickness and eventually will be doing that annoying reverse sneezing so often you will feel irritated with the sight. Therefore, and as a preventive measure, take your dog to your trusted vet as regularly as possible.

Perform first aid. When your dog shows off a symptom of reverse sneezing, rub its throat. This will ease spasms and cover its nose briefly. This will encourage swallowing, and helpfully dislodge any foreign body in its throat or nose. If there is a need, look into the mouth of your dog to have a visual on what could be obstructing normal breathing. If there is something in the mouth, remove it.



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