This story about Lady will give you the fuzzies. The black cross-breed between a Golden Retriever, and Labrador was shunned by her family twice. They first left her at a pound in Kansas, but she managed to find her way home. She did not mind that she had to walk thirty miles to get there.
This family must have hearts made out of steel. They were not happy when Lady returned, so they took her to the pound again. This time, they made sure that they can no longer go back.

A stroke of luck

As a senior dog, the chances of Lady being chosen by people who want to adopt are slim. With the threat of living in the pound for the remaining days of her life, all hope seemed lost. Her fate changed when an heiress walked in and saw her.
Helen Rich, the heiress of Wrigley’s Gum, immediately fell in love with Lady. Rich was already into adopting all sorts of animals that have a low chance of having people take them in. Her estate in Florida is 130 acres big, and all 300 of the animals she rescued live there.
Lady was picked up by Rich’s staff from the pound. They rode a private plane to her mansion. The staff was moved to tears when he saw Lady look out the window. It felt like she knew she was on her way home.
The latest addition to the menagerie is a constant recipient of kisses and hugs from Rich. Finally leashless, Lady runs around and plays with other animals every day. She also joins Rich on her daily tours around the lot. They enjoy each other’s company.
Watch the full video here:
Source: Youtube via CBS New York
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