Cooper is not just like any other dog. You see, he suffers from a condition called short spine syndrome, but this doesn’t stop him from living his fullest life.

What’s happened to Cooper is a rare genetic condition where his vertebrae have been compressed and fused. This means that he may look a bit squished to anybody who comes across him.

He came from a puppy farm in Virginia and was abandoned by the side of the road because of his defect. Those who rescued him figured that he was left there because the people from the puppy farm weren’t able to sell him.

Thankfully, those from the Secondhand Hounds shelter in Minnesota were able to take him in and treat him for the medical conditions he got during his stay on the streets. They were able to cure him of a hernia, ear mites, and worms.

He was then adopted by a loving couple and was brought into their family with their three other dogs. They fell in love with Copper’s sweet disposition and were able to make the adjustments to accommodate his disability.

Being the way he is, this dog can’t walk on hard surfaces and isn’t able to stand long walks as other dogs can. His short spine also makes it harder for him to turn and even go to the bathroom.

Despite all this, Cooper is a happy dog who loves to play and cuddle with his owners. Thanks to Secondhand Hounds, his new family was also able to get the support they need to attend to Cooper’s medical needs. He is now a candidate to become part of a study for his condition at Purdue University.

Dogs like Cooper are a prime example of why people shouldn’t discount adopting dogs with disabilities. They still can bring joy and love into any home no matter what condition they may be born with.

Check out this video about Cooper and his life:

Source: Inside Edition | YouTube


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