Tankers, a Boston terrier from Southern California once had a home, but oddly, he was not allowed indoors. By nature an indoor dog, Tankers was forced to become an outdoor dog.

According to the neighbors, Tankers used to cry outside his home for long periods calling for his humans. But no, he was not allowed inside at all.

It clearly showed that nobody in that home wanted the dog and instead just left him outside.

Tanker’s situation was reported to the Paw Prints in the Sand Animal Rescue after a while. Kelly Reeves, co-founder, and president of Paw Prints was contacted by her friend to see if there is any way he can be saved.

Surprisingly, the Boston terrier’s owner was more than ready to surrender him. However, the time he spent living outside has taken its toll. Tanker’s zest for life was affected. He was emotionally scarred making him nervous when he first arrived at the rescue group.

Tanker was placed on a foster home waiting for his forever family.

Meanwhile, a family of six is looking for the correct dog to adopt. Ever since their dog died, the Gordon family is looking to replace him but have never found the ‘right one.’

Gordon’s youngest family member named Drew was very involved with their quest for the right dog. They were presented with several kinds of dogs, including puppies, but they couldn’t decide yet.

Kat Gordon, Drew’s mom, saw Tanker’s profile online and both were drawn to the pooch. Kat placed an adoption but knows that the process will take some time.

The Gordon family attended an adoption event after learning that Tanker will be present. When Drew and Tanker saw each other, both instantly connect. When it’s time to say goodbye, Drew was in tears.

On February 13, Kat received some good news. Their application was approved, and they can now adopt Tankers. On Valentine’s Day, Tanker’s foster family called Kat and informed them they could pick the terrier.

The whole family decided to surprise Drew. Watch the heartwarming video as Drew can’t help it after seeing her new best friend in their living room.

Source Paw Prints in the Sand via Youtube


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