Swimming is a fun way to get some exercise under the heat of the sun. With the cold water splashing on your skin, plus the gentle breeze blowing, this is the most refreshing way to spend your day.

However, not everyone gets fond of this activity. Despite the waves enticing you to chase them, there’s this lingering fear of the unknown. Some cannot dare to dive in the waters with some strange creatures lurking underneath.

Come on little ones, let’s have some fun!

Teaching little kids to swim can sometimes make parents feel a little bit nerve-wrecked. Aside from looking out for their safety, they need to coax these children to conquer their fear of the water. They need to show them that the water might feel a bit unfamiliar to them, but it’s a good experience.

It is what a father Labrador tries with his litter of puppies. All of us know that Labradors are just one of the few dog breeds that love playing in the water. However, teaching them how to swim doesn’t look as easy as it seems.

By the time father Lab and the pups reach the pond, he quickly splashes in the water. He’s hoping for the puppies to follow suit, but the next scene might throw him out of his wits for a while.

We’re too scared to dive in – is it that fun?

As the father dog splashes into the water, he expects his little pups to join in on the fun. However, much to his surprise, only one of the puppies was brave enough to do so. The daring dog happily swam alongside his father.

But, father dog wouldn’t give up until everyone gets to enjoy the cold water. He thought of making the pups chase him until they make their way back to the pond.

Do you think daddy Labrador’s plan worked? Check the entire video below to see if his plan worked.

Video Credit: panzertoo via YouTube


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