Code red in animal shelters brings nothing but bad news. In Fort Bend County, some adorable dogs need to get adopted as soon as possible. They only have until June 2 before the shelter decides to euthanize these poor creatures.

These dogs are already listed on the Pets urgently Seeking Homes (PUSH) list. These dogs are among those who spent the longest time at the shelter. Some of them were adopted, but eventually, their owners take them back to the animal center. It’s a sad situation for this pooches.

Included on the desperate list is a male Staffordshire named Trip. He was already picked up from the shelter by his new owners over the weekend. Unfortunately, after three hours, his owner returned him to the shelter. They said that the pup had too much energy.

Kit, a female with a mixed breed of Labrador and Golden Retriever, is also among the PUSH list. She is one year old and was also surrendered back to the shelter. Staff was told that Kit was too aggressive to be kept as a pet.

Despite the reasons that Kit and Trip’s owners gave at the shelter, the staff said that they are both excellent. In fact, they are both lovely and sweet. They couldn’t understand why other people see otherwise.

The Animal Services of Fort Bend County seeks community support. They are dealing with a massive number of rescue dogs, and they want to re-home each of them.

There are no adoption fee or any type of charge for these lovely dogs. Aside from this, the dogs already have their microchips. They have also received all medical attention that they need, including neuter, spay, and vaccines.

Update: Only six remaining pooches need to be re-homed!

Hopefully, animal lovers will step forward and take these adorable pups home. It would be best to give them a second chance at life before it’s too late.

Credits to Fort Bend Animal County for the dogs’ photos.


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