Ryan Arens is a UPS driver who spends a lot of his time on the road. He delivers parcels and packages to families, which is a job he loves and enjoys. Other than his work, Ryan is also passionate about something else.

Ryan is a bonafide canine enthusiast. He actually lives with a doggy companion, to whom he dotes with all of his heart. He unabashedly expresses his fondness for dogs and animals in general.

According to Ryan, some of the highlights of his career is meeting dogs and all kinds of animals along his usual routes. Recently, another career and life highlight happened to Ryan.

Last holiday season, Ryan heard a distress call while on his way to deliver parcels in Bozeman, Montana. The distress call was coming from a dog. It was crying and screaming, obviously in a rather desperate situation.

After accomplishing his job–that is delivering the package under his care to its rightful owner–Ryan drove back to where he heard the distress call. What he saw broke his heart.

A dog had found itself in the middle of an icy pond. He was roughly 10 feet offshore and had difficulty moving through the slippery ice. The dog was visibly scared.

Ryan’s savior instincts made him strip to his boxers. He borrowed the boat of some guy nearby and maneuvered the boat toward the dog’s direction. While approaching the dog, Ryan’s fell off the boat, too.

He found himself on thin ice. Without thinking twice Ryan swam toward the dog, grabbed it by the collar, and dragged the dog to safety. As soon as they reached the shore, a bystander wrapped Ryan and the dog in layers of blankets.

The dog Ryan rescued was named Sadie. She has since been returned to her family. Meanwhile, Ryan’s been receiving love from canine lovers from all over the world.

Thanks to KRTV News



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