There is this dog that catches automatically thrown balls so that he can play fetch even when alone. The owner created a ball-throwing machine that catapults the toy. This automatic ball launcher machine enables the dog to play fetch without the need of having anyone to throw the ball, and reloads it by himself!

A dachshund named Jerry

This dog that plays fetch by itself, thanks to the contraption made by the owner, is a dachshund named Jerry. This long brown dog is lean and fit as he gets a lot of exercises. This dog runs after the ball after it flies from the catapult to get it from where it lands! Jerry has a cute trot and happily wags his tail when he fetches the ball.

Gears in motion

Jerry is trained and knows how to place the ball back in the machine’s slot. He uses his mouth to make sure that it is properly in place. Then he waits, as when it loaded, the long top part would go up, and when the gears are in motion, the ball gets launched to the other side of the room!

Independent dog

This dog is an expert at catching balls. Jerry plays independently and is determined and happy. There is a toddler that plays with him, and the kid squeals with delight! Another pooch looks on, and yes, it is always playtime in their happy home.

Humorous distraction

Jerry’s owner built this automatic ball launcher just for his pet to have fun. It took around two years to finish this project as he added safety features like IR proximity sensors to protect his son and his dog. This video of Jerry playing fetch was shared by this pet owner to provide ‘humorous distraction,’ and since that time, has gathered over 11 million YouTube views.

Source: lamgngo|YouTube


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