When a black Labrador mix called Adam arrived at the Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue, a non-profit animal shelter in Indianapolis, Indiana, he was in terrible shape.

Lucky Dog had rescued Adam from another pound where he was being considered for euthanasia due to his condition, which puzzled everyone at the time. The Lab mix had hairless patches all over his body, and his skin kept exuding a reddish fluid.

The shelter workers, who were coordinating with the Animal Medical Center in Indianapolis, initially thought that Adam was suffering from flea dermatitis. They put the dog in a cone to keep him from picking on his patches.

But six months later, Adam did not get better at all. He still had to endure the itch and pain that came with his condition, and the Lucky Dog staff were afraid that they might have to put him down after all to end his agony.

Image credit: Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue, Inc. on Facebook

However, Dr. Rachel Anderson, a veterinarian from the Indianapolis Animal Medical Center, finally discovered what Adam’s ailment was.

The Lab mix didn’t have flea dermatitis; he had an autoimmune disorder called pemphigus foliaceus that gave him specific allergies. Interestingly, just as how some humans can be allergic to furry animals, Adam was allergic to human dander.

Furthermore, Dr. Anderson found that the dog had an allergy to several other things as well, including cat dander, the pollen of some plants, a few insects such as cockroaches and flies, and even walnuts.

With such a long list of allergens, it’s no wonder Adam had been living a miserable, itchy life. But since receiving a proper diagnosis, the pooch is now getting the medication he needs, and his fur is growing back.

Moreover, Adam is not alone on his journey. When people all over the globe found out about his autoimmune disorder, several donations and requests for adoption came in. The black Lab mix didn’t have to look far to find his new owner, though.

Beth Weber, a Lucky Dog staffer who had been taking care of Adam for the past year, gave him a loving forever home.

Because of Adam’s condition, looking after him takes a bit of work; Beth has to stay on top of all his prescriptions and give him medicated baths every three days. But it’s all worth it; seeing the dog smiling and happily wagging his tail is a reward unto itself.

Watch Adam get treats and belly rubs in the video below:

Source: ABC News


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