You have probably encountered a number of dogs in your life. Some have been extra friendly and helpful while others have been a bit of warry. It is not enough that you are a dog person for you to expect that all dogs will be very happy to meet and play with you, more so be petted by you. So how do you know which is nice and willing to be played with and which one is having a bad time to be disturbed? Below are some indications that you might find useful in detecting a dog that is being friendly with you.

Stiffened muscle

Is the dog looking stiff? That is a bad sign. Don’t try to play or pet a dog with stiffened muscles or you will be rewarded with a dreaded growl or worst, a bite. Stiffened muscles on dogs is an indication of agitation or anger. An angry dog is not the kind of dog that wanted to be petted and played with so steer clear when you see one.

Dilated pupils

If you know a dog very well, you know if its pupils are dilated or not. If you do see its eyes in a dilated state, don’t ever try to pet it or play with it. This is an indication of annoyance, agitation or even anger. Now, those are signs of lack of patience with people so don’t ever try anything to trigger that anger in the dog – or you are on a very serious position if you ever do anything that could worsen the situation.

Tense facial muscles

It is easy to see if a dog is happy or wary – through its facial muscles. If these muscles have gone tense, you should try to back off. Doing so is your preventive measure to anything bad that could commence between you and the dog. That tensing is an indication that it is not near happy nor friendly. Therefore, you should refrain yourself from coming near and petting that dog.

Forward or back pinned ears

When a dog has its ears pinned back or forward, you should know that this dog is not taking any petting or entertainment. It may already be pissed off or annoyed or even agitated or angry, so you should start backing off. If it is your dog, then you might know how to ease the stress that it is in but if it is not then you might want to steer clear from it. Wait for it to relax before you ever start petting or calling it.

While an agitated or angry dog is scary, you can come up with creative ways on how to relax it. Among the best things to do other than backing off is bringing treats that will loosen the tension state it is. As soon as the dog is relaxed and looking Zen, you can already play with and even pet it.



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